Risks and Benefits of Dental Implants

Risks and Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental Implants are fixed or removal replacements to the tooth. Fixed dental implants are strongly attached to the roots of the tooth for which they provide a replacement. Dental implants came as an improvement of dentures and bridges, which were the only option available for missing teeth. Tooth loss is a common ailment in Canada and causes majorly by tooth decay. Dental implants are built with utmost quality and last for a period up to 10 years or more. They let you retain your natural smile.

Dental Implants offer many benefits beyond price and they are

-Better comfort

Since they become a part of your mouth, unlike dentures, they offer much more comfort and ease in your routine teeth activity.

Protect your jaw bone

When you lose a tooth, empty spaces are created in your mouth. These spaces can lead to additional health issues and in many cases, they lead to the deterioration of your jaw bone, which in turn spoils the shape of your face.

-Easy eating

If you use dentures in place of the missing teeth, eating in routine becomes a hectic activity for you. The dentures might slide while you chew, and other similar issues. In dental implants, they feel like your own teeth and offer you immense comfort when compared to dentures.

-Speak Easily

Most importantly, dental implants do not cause any embarrassment to you while you speak either without a tooth or having dentures in place of your lost tooth. You can pronounce all the words with ease.


Given below are a few risks that are associated with the dental implants

Though the risks do not super cede the benefits, they should be known. Discomfort or pain is one of the major aspects which takes over you at the time of dental implant surgery and a few days following the surgery. Also, there could be swelling of gums. Swelling subsides over time if treated properly, such as icing it. If the patients fail to follow the post-surgery instructions of the dentist, they may develop infections.

In short, to be relieved of the risks, one should get his dental implants done by a good dentist.


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