Implant Restoration

Book Implant Restoration services at sapphire Dental Centre: Unlike filings or crowns that are bonded to the tooth, dental implants are surgically implanted into the jawbone below the gum line. After the implant is placed, an artificial, natural-looking tooth is attached to it. Over time, your bone and gum will continue to grow around the implant, providing it with extra stability.

Implant restoration in Milton

You can choose to get an Implant restoration treatment done at the hour of your choosing by booking an appointment with us. We assure you strong and natural looking teeth with our very effective implant restoration treatments. Our Dental clinic in Milton is well equipped to handle all your restoration needs.

A Restoration is performed by fixing artificial teeth to implants in the bones below the gum line. A tooth is attached on this spot which results in a well defined tooth over time covered and polished by the gum around it.
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