Root Canal Therapy

In the center of each tooth in our mouth lies the dental pulp, which supplies our tooth with nutrients and nerves. If something happens to that dental pulp—it is injured, infected, or is damaged in some other way—then the nerve within the pulp may die, eventually causing the tooth to die. We would recommend root canal therapy as a way to save teeth that have received damage to their dental pulp and nerve.

Root Canal Treatment in Milton

During the procedure, first Local anesthesia is given to the Patients to provide sedation. Then the root canal is thoroughly cleaned and sealed. Most of the ailments in the dental pulp are solved and cured using the root canal therapy but in some cases supplementary methods are required.

Here are some common signs which reflect that you may be in need of a Root Canal Treatment soon:

  • Teeth have become more sensitive to extreme temperatures.
  • The Gums have swollen up a bit.
  • Cracks have started to develop on the teeth.
  • Teeth have lost significant shades of color.
  • The taste in your mouth has changed significantly for the worst. This includes the odour in the mouth.
Root Canal Therapy

Here are some common causes generally observed among Root Canal Patients:

  • Irregular cleaning of teeth
  • Lack Regular Dental checkups
  • Bad Food habits
  • Lack of care while playing, etc

With regards to the treatment itself, it is a true fact that around 95% of all operations have a successful response. However, it is often observed in some cases that the natural tissue reformation takes up some days to heal and give relief for the pain. You might require a follow up exam after some time to make sure that there are no complications involved.

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