Why Do Wisdom Teeth Have to be Removed?

Why Do Wisdom Teeth Have to be Removed?

Most often wisdom teeth don’t have enough space to grow, this causes a number of problems such as since they remain hidden in your gums and don’t emerge normally, they become trapped leading to infections, cysts, and may also damage other teeth or force them to grow in a crooked manner.

As they emerge through the gums partially, they tend to attract bacteria and cause pain in the jaws, and inflammation of the gums. That is why dentists often recommend removing wisdom teeth. Wisdom tooth removal can be done in one sitting, it is a pain and hassle-free procedure. At our clinic, we offer wisdom teeth removal, reach out to us for more details or to book an appointment.

Common reasons for wisdom teeth removal

There are several reasons to remove your wisdom teeth, some of the most common reasons are:•

  • Extreme discomfort and severe pain
  • Fluid-filled sacs (cysts)
  • Gum diseases and inflammation of gums
  • Repeated infection in the wisdom tooth
  • Extensive tooth decay
  • Sinus pain, and congestion.

You can always talk to your dentist or an oral surgeon to determine whether you need to remove your wisdom tooth.

Is wisdom teeth removal painful?

Most of us get anxious about visiting a dentist, we associate pain and discomfort with dental treatments. Please note wisdom tooth removal is painful and hassle-free. Before the dentist begins the procedure, he will take an x-ray to see the exact placement of the teeth, he will administer anesthesia to ensure that the area is numb and then use specific tools to gently remove the wisdom tooth. Please note in rare circumstances the dentist may have to surgically remove the wisdom tooth.

If wisdom teeth have begun to erupt, anesthesia may not be used, you will only feel a tugging or pulling sensation. You may experience numbness for several hours after the procedure. You can always use over-the-counter pain relievers to ease your pain. Call us for more information.

Wisdom tooth extraction care

There are a few steps to follow after wisdom tooth extraction, they are:

• Do not exercise or indulge in strenuous activities
• Avoid touching the wound
• Do not rinse your mouth.
• Place ice on your cheek to ease the pain
• Take pain medications if the pain is severe
• Do not eat hard food
• Do not use the straw
• Do not smoke and avoid alcohol

Please note that severe complications are very rare, in case you experience severe pain after two days of extraction or pain is accompanied by fever, it is essential to visit a dentist immediately. We are a trusted clinic offering quality and reliable wisdom tooth extraction. Our team will ensure your speedy recovery! Get in touch with us now to schedule your wisdom tooth removal.

Looking for wisdom tooth removal? Or need advice regarding the same? We have got you covered. Reach to us now, we will be happy to help you with all your dental needs.


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