Why are straight teeth important?

Why are straight teeth important?

What is the first thing you do when you see a friend, greet people at the door, and get a photo taken? You
smile. It is as natural as breathing. If you have crooked or missing teeth, however, a smile may be a
source of embarrassment or anxiety. What are straight teeth so important?

There are numerous reasons to have straight teeth, and you may be surprised how much straight teeth play in your everyday health. Let’s look at some of these reasons having straight teeth are important.

What Straight Teeth Do For You

Help with Digestion: If you can’t chew food properly, issues with digestion can occur, and your stomach and intestines will have to work harder to digest your food. Poor digestion can cause you to suffer from a lack of nutrition, as well as gas and indigestion. Straight teeth help break down your food properly so you can digest it easier. Biting and chewing generate a good amount of pressure and a bad bite can stress the jaw joints. If your bite doesn’t line up, the very bones that support your teeth will breakdown.

Speaking Clearly: Being able to pronounce words correctly, without mumbling, slurring, or biting parts of your mouth, creates confidence in both work and school performances.


Better Health Overall: Straight teeth reduce the chance of tooth decay simply because they are easy to clean. When you have clean teeth, you have less cavities and better gum health. Gum disease often leads to tooth loss as you age, and your chance to get periodontal disease. Straight teeth reduce soft tissue damage as crooked teeth will push against tissues in the mouth causing inflammation from sores and cuts. Headaches and migraines can be caused by the improper bite that crooked teeth create.

Higher Self-Esteem: When you have confidence and good self-esteem, you smile more. Your
confidence shows. Straight teeth create a smile that encourages these things. You could even get better
job prospects. A great smile can allow you to relax in social situations, allowing your personality to shine.
When you smile, nerves are stimulated in your face which makes you feel happy, and smiling also lowers

How Can You Get Straight Teeth

Always speak to your dentist who can recommend the right orthodontist for your case. There are many
ways to have your teeth straightened, and the condition and arrangement of your teeth will dictate which
way is the best for you. There are the traditional metal braces and retainers, for example. There are
Aligners and Invisalign. You may even need dental implants or veneers. If you are worried about costs,
speak to your dentist or orthodontist about the availability of dental financing, grants, dental schools, or
dental clinics.

Straight teeth last longer and are something important to have for our whole life. It doesn’t matter if you
just starting school or entering retirement, having straight teeth is important. Straight teeth mean more
than just having a beautiful smile, it’s good for your overall health.


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