Five Myths about Root Canal Therapy

root canal treatment

Five Myths about Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is fairly common in dentistry and yet there is a lot of misinformation out there when it comes to this procedure.
Let’s take a look at five of the myths about root canal therapy
Myth #1 – Root canals are painful
Most people have the perception that root canals are very painful, but the fact is, if they are experiencing pain, it is from an infection in the tooth. The root canal procedure is performed in order to stop the pain. Root canals themselves are usually painless because your dentist will numb the area around the tooth.
Myth #2 – A root canal means removing the roots of my tooth
Not true. The purpose of a root canal is to save the tooth, not to remove it. During the procedure, only part of the inside of the root is removed in order to get rid of the bacteria. Also, the pulp and nerve tissue is removed.
Myth #3 – Since the nerves are removed, I won’t feel pain
Following root canal therapy, you will no longer have the sensitivity to hot and cold, but you may still feel pain surrounding the tooth for a few days after the treatment. Your dentist can prescribe medication to help with this.
Myth #4 – If I don’t feel pain, I don’t need a root canal
Just because you do not feel any pain, it does not mean there is not an infection that should be treated with root canal therapy. Your dentist will be able to tell if the pulp of your tooth is infected or damaged. If you see a pimple like sore near one of your teeth, you should call your dentist right away. This is likely a “fistula” which is essentially a tunnel that drains pus away from an infection. You might not feel pain, but left untreated, this could lead to infection in other tissues.
Myth #5 – Once I get a root canal, I won’t have to visit the dentist for awhile
After root canal therapy, you will have a temporary filling put in to protect the pulp from further infection. This will have to be replaced with a permanent filling or a crown. You will, therefore, need to make a follow-up appointment with your dentist.
Root canal therapy is an effective means of preserving a tooth that has become infected. For more information about this or any of our dental services, contact Sapphire Dental Centre at 905-878-8760.



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