Reasons You Might Want a Dental Bridge!

Reasons You Might Want a Dental Bridge!

Among the many solutions that your dentist might advise to improve your dental health and/or the appearance of your teeth, a dental bridge is one of the most common. Dental bridges are typically recommended when you have one to three missing teeth in a row. Bridges are literally meant to “bridge the gap” by providing you with realistic looking prosthetic teeth to fill the empty spaces. Some dental bridges are removable while others are meant to stay in place all the time. Your dentist will discuss the pros and cons of each option.

Some reasons that you might consider a dental bridge include the following:

  • Restore your confidence – missing teeth – especially ones near the front of the mouth change the way that your smile looks and can affect your self-confidence. With a dental bridge, no one other than you and your dentist need to know that you don’t have a full set of natural teeth.
  • Chew and Speak more effectively – if you haven’t experienced it for yourself, you might not realize how much one or two missing teeth can affect the way you chew and speak. A dental bridge can help you improve this significantly.
  • Protect surrounding teeth – when you have missing teeth, the teeth that are next to the gap are more susceptible to decay and shifting out of place. Dental bridges can actually help to protect the health of your remaining natural teeth.
  • The procedure is faster than getting implants – one of the solutions that your dentist may speak to you about is dental implants. And while implants definitely have some advantages, the procedure itself takes longer than bridges. If you are anxious for a faster solution, then dental bridges may be the way to go.
  • More affordable than implants – another reason that you might want to choose a dental bridge over implants is that they cost significantly less. While many dental plans offer at least partial coverage, implants can still be quite costly. And if you do not have dental coverage at all, a dental bridge may be the more feasible option.

If you currently have missing teeth – or if you are in need of a tooth extraction, then a dental bridge should be considered to fill the gap. And if you would like to consult with one of our dentists, contact Sapphire Dental today.


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