Reasons You Might Need Full Mouth Restoration!

Reasons You Might Need Full Mouth Restoration!

Full mouth restoration is often referred to as if it is one single dental treatment, when it reality it consists of multiple dental treatments. The exact combination of dental treatments will depend on the patient and the condition of their mouth, but it can involve anything from therapeutic treatments such as deep cleanings, root canals, and crowns to treatments of a more cosmetic nature such as whitening, veneers or bonding. The ultimate goal of full mouth restoration is to restore the health and appearance of the patient’s smile.

So how do you know if you might require a full mouth restoration? Here are three reasons you might want to consider one.

It is difficult to chew.

The main purpose of your teeth is to chew food. Eating or drinking should never be painful or uncomfortable. If it is, that is a sign of a problem.  Difficulty chewing may cause people to avoid certain foods that they love and can even lead to nutritional deficiencies.

If you are having problems chewing, you should talk to your dentist about a full mouth restoration.

You’re in pain.

There are a number of causes of tooth pain that often coincide with eating or drinking hot or cold foods. But what if your mouth hurts even when you aren’t eating? This should definitely be considered a red flag! It’s important to see your dentist and get treatment before your oral health worsens.

You are embarrassed by your smile.

If you have visibly crooked, damaged or missing teeth it can seriously affect your self-confidence. While this may not seem like a big deal on the surface, it can be a very big deal when your lack of self-esteem affects your professional life and your personal relationships. So if you find yourself trying to hide your teeth when you smile, it may be a sign that you should consider a full mouth restoration.

If you have suffered from tooth decay or tooth loss in the past; or if your teeth have been damaged as the result of some type of illness or trauma, we have good news for you. You can regain your beautiful smile with full mouth restoration!

If you think you might be a candidate for full mouth restoration, contact Sapphire Dental today. One of our dentists will be happy to examine you and discuss the exact procedures recommended to help you regain your oral health.


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