What You Need to Know About Root Canal Treatment?

What You Need to Know About Root Canal Treatment?

Hearing from your dentist that you need a root canal treatment can sound scary and intimidating. But the truth is that this is a fairly common procedure, and if you need a root canal it is better to get one sooner rather than later because it is a treatment that can save your tooth.

What is root canal treatment?

A root canal is part of your tooth that contains pulp and nerves. Root canal treatment is needed when this area of the tooth becomes infected. During the treatment, the pulp is removed in order to stop the infection and replaced with a putty-like substance.

Why might you need root canal treatment?

You are probably aware that when you don’t take care of your teeth, that it can lead to decay and cavities. What you might not know however is that when this decay is not treated, that it can spread deep into the tooth and even into the pulp of the root canal. Once the infection reaches that stage, root canal treatment will be necessary or you will risk not only losing the tooth but also more serious complications such as bone deterioration.

What are the signs that you might need root canal treatment?

Symptoms of infection in the root canal include:

  • Intense pain while eating.
  • A feeling of severe pressure on the tooth.
  • Increased sensitivity to temperature.
  • Teeth becoming darker in colour.
  • Tooth pain that does not improve with over the counter painkillers.

Is root canal treatment painful?

Contrary to what you might see in movies or on television, root canal treatment is not a very painful procedure. The discomfort involved is similar to what you might feel if you are getting a cavity filled. In fact, having root canal treatment actually relieves the pain which is caused by the infection.

How can I avoid a root canal treatment?

The best way to avoid needing root canal treatment is to take good care of your teeth through regular brushing, flossing, and dental check-ups. You can also maintain a healthy mouth by maintaining a healthy diet and limiting sugary food and drinks.

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