What is Involved in Getting a Dental Implant?

What is Involved in Getting a Dental Implant?

So your dentist is suggesting that you get a dental implant, or maybe you’ve been thinking about it for a while to perfect your smile, but do you know what’s really involved in having the implant put in? It might sound like a scary procedure but it doesn’t have to be. Getting a dental implant will give you a brilliant smile, so if you’re a little unsure here’s what you can expect from the procedure so you know it’ll all be worth it.

A Complete Dental Exam

Your dentist will first do a complete comprehensive exam of your existing teeth, the space the implant will be in, your jaw bone and gums. Your dentist may also take a number of x-rays to make sure the implant has a good foundation and will settle in appropriately. This exam will also give your dentist a complete overview of your mouth so that when your implant is completed you won’t lose any chewing function and everything aligns.

Removal of Existing Teeth

If you are getting a dental implant because you have cracked a tooth or there’s significant decay of the tooth then your dentist will clean out the area and make sure it’s clear of any infection. This may be done in the first visit and the implant will be completed in another visit after the area has had sufficient time to heal.

Placing the Post

Every implant has a post rooted in the jaw bone so that the tooth is just as sturdy as your natural teeth. The post will be implanted via oral surgery. Your dentist may be able to do this in a regular appointment, or they may schedule an oral surgery date for you if you’re receiving multiple implants. The bone will need time to heal around the post so you will be sent home with just posts during this phase and the teeth will be put on at a later time. The dentist will give you special instructions regarding the proper care while the gums and jaw heal, so make sure to follow them so your implants can be completed as soon as possible.

Checking the Growth

Your dentist will schedule a follow up appointment to check on the progress of the bone growth. They will gauge the regrowth around the jawbone to determine if you are ready to have the top portion of the implant put on.

Finalizing the Implant

Once your dentist has determined enough healing has happened, they will schedule an appointment for the crown to be put on the implant. During this appointment, or before, they may take molds of your other teeth to make sure the crown itself matches your smile and looks natural. They will also colour match too so that it doesn’t look out of place.

While it might sound scary and painful to have a dental implant, the hardest part is likely going to be waiting for the bone to heal so that they can finish the procedure. This multi-step process will leave with you a brilliant smile that you will love showing off.


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