What is involved in Full Mouth Restoration?

What is involved in Full Mouth Restoration?

If you have broken, missing or discoloured teeth; if you are embarrassed by your smile; or if the simple act of chewing or talking causes, you pain then you may be a candidate for full mouth restoration. Full mouth restoration is more than just cosmetic dentistry. It is a necessary medical procedure to protect the health of your mouth and possibly the health of your whole body.

What is full mouth restoration?

Full mouth restoration is a combination of several treatments to restore the health, function and appearance of the teeth, gums and jaw. It can become necessary if the patient has not had access to proper dental care for many years or if they have experienced a trauma or illness that has affected the mouth.

After an examination, your dentist will determine which treatments you need but it generally involves some combination of crowns, veneers, bridges, implants, periodontal care and possibly orthognathic surgery to realign the jaw.

There are four main components that you dentist will consider when planning your full mouth restoration. They are as follows:

  1. Teeth – Your dentist will examine your teeth making note of any cavities, cracks, root canal issues, etc. This will determine the need for any restorative procedures such as crowns, inlays, onlays, or implants.
  2. Gums – Before doing any major work on your teeth, it is necessary to ensure they have a solid foundation. Your dentist will check for irregularities in your gums such as too much or insufficient tissue. If you have unhealthy gums or periodontal disease, you may require treatments such as scaling, soft tissue grafts or bone grafts.
  3. Bite – In addition to your teeth and gums, your dentist will examine your jaw muscles and temporomandibular joints to ensure that your bite is straight and stable. This is important to your oral health because an improper bite can result in wear and tear on your teeth and possibly cause you pain when you talk or chew. Treatment of your bite may include a night guard, braces or possibly surgery.
  4. Esthetics – The final piece of the puzzle in full mouth restoration is how your teeth look. Your dentist will take into consideration the size, shape and colour of your teeth to help give you the best smile possible.

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