Effectiveness of Whitening Toothpastes

Effectiveness of Whitening Toothpastes

Are you thinking of using whitening toothpaste but worried about its effectiveness?

Whitening toothpaste is advertised as stain remover from the teeth. Though, they can clean the surface stain but are worthless if your problem is deep rooted. Moreover, they can’t change the natural tooth color.
It is helpful for customers who have noticeable stains from soda, coffee, or cigarettes. Although, if your discoloration is deeper, then there are other better whitening products you can use to get visible results.

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Appearance of Whitening

If your teeth are stained because of your lifestyle choice and suffering from day-to-day stains, then whitening toothpaste can help before it becomes a permanent part of your teeth color. However, the effect of whitening toothpaste takes at least two to six weeks of regular use.
Opt for a whitening toothpaste that is composed of blue covarine. This chemical helps in removing the yellow stains on the tooth surface. The result is immediately visible, but might be short lived in comparison to other whitening products.

Long-Term Whitening Results
Whitening toothpaste is designed for regular application at least twice a day. For the best results, users must brush daily with these products for several weeks. Products that don’t contain blue covarine can still yield impressive results. However, it’s important for users to understand that the whitening isn’t usually visible after the very first brushing.

These whitening toothpaste should be used at least twice a day for optimum results. As stated above, it takes around several weeks before the results are visible. Whitening toothpaste can achieve high results through a combination of abrasives which helps in polishing the teeth and chemicals that remove stains.

Some of the abrasives used in whitening toothpaste are:

·         Hydrated aluminum oxide
·         Calcium carbonate
·         Magnesium carbonate
·         Carbamide peroxide

Disadvantage of Whitening Toothpaste
Though American Dental Association seal of acceptance helps to identify which dental product is safer, still it is very important to understand that any bleaching or whitening product comes with its own side-effects. The most common issues with whitening toothpaste are that:
·         They may scrub off the enamel with the stain
·         They may cause mild irritation in the gums and mouth
·         This may increase your tooth sensitivity

As the enamel scrubs off, you will see more dentin beneath, which is often discolored.
Though many varieties of toothpaste contain bleaching agent but that agent washes off very quickly. For good results, the bleaching agent should stay in contact with the teeth for a longer duration.
If you are looking to lighten the overall color of the tooth, a bleaching kit can be more effective. So what are you waiting for? Visit our dentist in Milton to learn more about teeth whitening options!


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