Dentist in Brampton

Dentist in Brampton

What Are the Services Offered by Dentists at Sapphire Dental, Brampton?

Dentists can be spotted and visited at every corner now-a-days. But when it comes to picking one for you and your family, simply going to the one closest is not enough. One main characteristic that every patient must seek in their dentist and the one that we work hard to offer is to be a one stop shop for most dental services required. At Sapphire Dental, we have put together the best team of dentists offering a wide range services that have been listed below. 

Having a single dental center run by dentists in Brampton to cater for all your oral requirements allows you to avail the best consultation as the professionals here would be well aware of your entire history and chronology of events in your family. 

Here’s a List of All Services Available at Sapphire Dental in Brampton:

Tooth Extraction:  Any significant pain or damage to the teeth may require a tooth removal. Teeth extraction is also a common procedure for children going through the phrase of falling milk teeth and growing permanent teeth.

Root Canal Therapy: With extensive damage to the root of the tooth, one may have to remove it completely or at least the damaged part thoroughly and have it filled with a medium to cover the gap as a whole. This process is termed as root canal therapy.

Dental Implants: Missing teeth can leave significant gaps in an oral set and can give it a dysfunctional bite. Dental implants allow you to have a small titanium rod attached to the jaw bone and have a crown placed over it to give it the look of a natural tooth.


Crocked or over crowded teeth may only give just an imperfect smile but may also have functional issues. Orthodontics is the practice of dentistry with specific interest in straightening teeth and its formation by dentists in Brampton. Dental braces and invisalign are taken care of by an Orthodontist.

Porcelain Inlays and Outlays:

When the entire enamel of a tooth is not damaged enough to be discarded then much of it is tried to be saved and the remaining portion of the enamel is replaced by a prosthetic material like porcelain. They are called inlays and outlays depending on the region of the tooth and the size of it to be covered.

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Others: Other services such as full mouth restoration, non-surgical gum therapy, migraine, athletic mouth gear, etc. is also offered at Sapphire Dental by Dentists in Brampton.


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