Why you should choose amalgam-free dental services?

Why you should choose amalgam-free dental services?

For years the dental industry relied heavily on amalgam (mercury) fillings as their best option to repair and restore teeth that had cavities. And in fact, mercury fillings are still used fairly often today despite growing concerns that this may lead to other health problems later on. Today however there is another option as more and more dentists and dental clinics are offering amalgam-free dental services.

Amalgam-free dental services for a better smile.

For starters, amalgam-free fillings simply look a lot nicer than mercury fillings. Mercury fillings are those dark grey fillings that let everyone know you probably didn’t care for your teeth as well as you should have. Amalgam-free fillings on the other hand are the same colour as your natural teeth – and while they may not look 100% natural either, they are much harder for others to spot when you speak or laugh.

Amalgam-free dental services for better health.

How dangerous are mercury fillings? You may have parents or friends who have had them for years will no ill effects. Perhaps you have a few yourself. We do know however that mercury – even in small amounts – produces toxic fumes and that it can lead to neurological issues. We also know that certain segments of the population are more sensitive to mercury. So even if you have had mercury fillings in the past, going forward with only amalgam-free dental services is your safest choice.

Who can benefit from amalgam-free dental services?

Anyone who wishes to have the improved appearance of tooth-coloured fillings over grey ones and anyone who wants to avoid mercury and metal fillings can benefit from amalgam-free dental services, but there are certain segments of the population for whom it is even more important. This includes:

  • Children – while their brains are developing, children are especially sensitive to the effects of mercury vapour.
  • Pregnant women and nursing mothers – mercury from fillings in pregnant women can cross the placenta and accumulate in the unborn child. It can also be passed through breast milk to nursing infants.
  • Patients with kidney disease – since it is difficult for those with poor kidney function to process mercury, patients with kidney disease may be more likely to have adverse reactions.
  • Children and adults with metal braces – when amalgam comes in contact with other metals, it can cause corrosion which increases the amount of vapour that the mercury releases.

Amalgam-free dental services at Sapphire Dental

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