Dental Implants in Brampton

Dental Implants in Brampton

Wonder How Dental Implants in Brampton Work? Read Ahead:

What are Dental Implants?

Dental Implants, as the name suggests, are prosthetic teeth that can fill in gaps left behind by fallen or missing teeth. Implants can be formed into all shapes and sizes and hence can be used to fill in a single tooth as well as multiple missing teeth. 

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How Does it work?

If you pick to analyze any normal well functional tooth in your mouth, it comprises of a root, a neck and a crown. The root consists of the pulp and the nerves covered by the dentin. The neck comprises of the dentin covered by the enamel and further by the gums. And finally the crown, which consists of simply the dentin covered by the enamel. 

Either due to root damage or enamel damage, the tooth can become dysfunctional and would need its removal. Such removal can leave a significant gap in your oral set that would eventually give you a bad bite. Such missing teeth can be replaced by a dental implant. 


Structure of a Dental Implant:

Titanium Implant: 

Dental Implants have a structure and function similar to natural teeth but with much less complications. Initially a hole is drilled in the jaw bone right below the gap that has to be covered. In Brampton a small titanium rod like implant with a bulb like head is inserted and fixed into the drilled hole.

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Pure Titanium has a quality to become a life like functional bone tissue when attached to growing bone tissues. This process is known as Osseointegration. Hence the above structure is left to grow into for a few days. The live tissues around the drilled bone attach themselves to the titanium implant and form a strong functional grip.

The Crown:

As a last step, a prosthetic tooth made using porcelain is attached to the bulb like head of the titanium implant to form the crown. In Brampton, in case of multiple missing teeth, implants are attached at certain gaps, but the head is attached as a single bridge. Dental Implants look nothing different from natural teeth on the outside and are equally functional for a good byte.


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