Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

Many patients become fearful when they hear their dentists use the words “root canal”, but the truth is that root canal treatment offers many advantages, and oftentimes it is the best course of action to save your natural teeth.

What are the benefits of root canal treatment?

Pain-Free Experience

Part of the reason for the fear that surrounds root canal treatment is the perception that it is a painful procedure. It is not. Patients are often in pain before the procedure because their teeth are infected. A root canal helps to relieve that pain.

When a root canal treatment is performed, the patient’s mouth is numbed. Sure, the patient may feel a bit of a pinch from the needle, but the procedure itself is painless.

Helps to Save the Tooth

When the root canal of a tooth is infected, not only can it be very painful, but it can also lead to the loss of the tooth. When a root canal treatment is performed, the infected “pulp” of the root canal is removed and replaced with a putty like substance.

Most patients find this preferable to having a tooth extraction.

Effective Treatment

Root canals are highly effective not only at removing bacteria but also at preventing infections from reoccurring. When the root canal is filled with a putty-like substance, it forms a seal and helps to prevent bacteria from coming back in.

It is an Affordable Treatment

When compared to tooth extraction which may require several follow-up visits or with teeth replacement methods such as implants, dentures or bridges, root canal treatment is extremely affordable.

Looks and Feels Completely Natural

Once your dentist has completed your root canal treatment, they will restore the appearance of your natural tooth using either a filling or a crown. This will look and feel completely natural and will not have a negative effect on your eating or speech. In fact, it will look so natural that only you and your dentist need ever know that you had a root canal treatment.

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If you have been told that you need a root canal treatment, there is no need to be fearful. In fact, there are many benefits to getting one if your dentist recommends it.

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