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With our dedicated approach to giving you the best, affordable dental care possible, we ensure the most effective, safest, and comfortable treatments possible.

Come and experience a dental clinic that truly cares about your well-being as we provide personalized care to meet all your dental needs. We keep communications open, so our patients get the answers and care they need. Your oral care is in our hands and we will guide you through whatever care and treatments you need.

We welcome you to our conveniently located, modern, family-friendly and accessible office, where our dentists can use their high quality and modern equipment to ensure your satisfaction.

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How a Dentist in Cambridge Can Help you?

You may think that your teeth are healthy and you care for them well. You brush every day and even remember to floss. Even with all the best care, you give your teeth, it is still a good idea to go for regular visits to your dentist. Regular visits are usually every six months. By going for regular cleaning, early detection of many issues, such as loose fillings, cracks, cavities, and even gum disease or cancers, can be made. The risk of Cardiovascular disease and gum disease is lowered when you have regular cleanings at your dental clinic. There are issues that your dentist can identify that are linked to dental problems such as infections, diabetes, teeth grinding, acid reflux, and deficiencies.
As a dentist in Cambridge, we will not only take care of your dental needs but give you regular cleaning and prevention advice that will help you keep your teeth healthy and your smile bright.

Why should you choose Us as your dentist in Cambridge?

  • As with any health care professional, a dentist is necessary for a healthy lifestyle. Regular dental cleaning is very important to maintaining a healthy mouth, as well as a healthy and happy lifestyle. Keeping regular visits to your dentist in Cambridge will also keep discolored, stained, or damaged teeth to a minimum.

  • Imagine having a clean and bright smile all year round. Regular cleaning will keep issues like plaque from creating bad breath and building up on your teeth.

  • Besides regular visits, having a dentist local to you is a benefit. With a local dentist, emergency care is available with quick and efficient treatments. Your dentist will already know each patient and their dental information. Since the dentist is already known, there is less stress and worry. Having a local dentist in Cambridge lets you get quality, safe, affordable dental care by a team that is dedicated to providing the best, comprehensive, modern treatments and prevention information to the patients.

  • Our dentist will take time to explain different procedures and treatments so you will know what is going on and why. You will never be left in the dark. At our dental clinic, we like to educate and guide you in all your dental decisions, but the final say is yours. We like to keep communications open so all your questions are answered. We try to give you the best, effective care possible so you have the best experience. We care about your well-being and happiness every visit.

Emergency Assistance Call Us

How we can help with your dental emergency in Brampton?

One of the advantages of choosing Sapphire Dental is we offer round-the-clock dental services. This is ideal for certain dental cases where a quick treatment is necessary. Here’s a list where an emergency dental service might be the only solution. You can get in touch with our team and set-up an appointment at the earliest. Rest assured, we will do anything everything necessary to get that beautiful smile back again in no time.

  • Tooth pain: when you have pain in your tooth or teeth that won’t go away or is getting worse, go to the dentist.

  • Injury to face/mouth due to falling/knocked out teeth: when an impact to the face occurs and a tooth is either loosened or knocked out, go to the dentist immediately.

  • Sensitive teeth: When you have pain more than average with the change in temperatures

  • Sore in the mouth: Even though it could be a canker sore, it could be a serious problem like Hand, Foot and Mouth disease

  • Abscesses: looks like a sore, can be clear, red, yellow, or white.

  • Broken tooth: A broken tooth, or teeth. You have pain or no pain.

  • Swelling and/or bleeding: if you are experiencing any bleeding or swelling. It could be from disease, infection, or injury

Contact your dentist in Cambridge if you are looking for regular dental care, have an emergency, or have any oral care questions. Our clinic is here to make sure you and your loved ones have happy and healthy smiles for the whole family. Experience a dental team who cares about you and your smile, each time you walk through the door.